English for Beginners

English is a global language and is no longer foreign to India. Go anywhere around the world and you will find folks conversing in English. However, it is sad to know that there are many who fear the language.



 Here is Academy of Learning helping you break the glass ceiling. With expert teachers of the field, you get a clear understanding of the language, while also build your confidence to speak in English fluently.


Alphabet & Grammar

English 101 – Greetings & Pronouns

English 102 – Simple Sentenses

English 103 – Past & Present

English 104 – Past & future Tense

Our community

We not only believe in teaching the exact methods that will help you get a grip on the language, but also aim at building your confidence at English speaking. We help you vanish the unrealistic fear of the language, while aiding you think and speak in English

Related Courses

Basic English

12 week Course

In Which you will learn grammer from very basic by which you are able to create sentences, you will come to know how to think and generate thoughts.


Advanced English

daily practice

In Advance english you will learn more complex grammer which will use in text and speech  and for that you will need to improve your abilities which our teachers will teach you


Conversational English

4 Week course

In this course you will learn how to speak, as well as ability to speak english fluently, situation handling our teaches will Build your confidence level and correct your grammers.